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    ①As a saying goes写植物的作文,the little thing matters most.

    →As a saying goes,it is the little thing that matters most.(强调句)

    ②The children can grow up healthy mentally and physically only in this way.

    →Only in this way can the children grow up healthy mentally and physically.(倒装句)

    ③If it is so,I hope you will have a wonderful time.

    →If so,I hope you will have a wonderful time.(省略句)

    ④It is a very splendid moment.

    →How splendid a moment it is!/What a splendid moment it is!(感叹句)

    ⑤I won first prize with my teacher's help.

    →Without my teacher's help写植物的作文,I couldn't have won first prize.(虚拟语气)

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