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  • 我也做了回小记者作文|我也做了回小记者 英语作文
    发布时间:2020-09-19 13:16
    1月29日11时,我在杭州DO都城小儿体验观钱江晚报做小记者,采访了考古研究院,探寻中华文物历史.At 11:00 on January 29, I worked as a small reporter in Qianjiang Evening News of children\s experience view in do capital, Hangzhou, and interviewed the archaeological research institute to explore the history of Chinese cultural relics考古研究院展出了各种文物,有良渚出土的玉壁、玉盘;南宋、元、明朝的青瓷以及八千年前萧山出土的独木舟图片等等.这些图片和文物记录了中国的历史,展示了中华民族的灿烂文化.在考古研究院的体验区初中作文,我们采访了几个考古队员.他们说:"在这里能学到很多考古知识,体验挖掘文物的乐趣.当青瓷碎片被挖掘出来时信心作文,心中的成就感无可比拟信心作文,那种快乐只有真正去体验才能体会到."The Institute of archaeology has exhibited various cultural relics, such as jade walls and plates unearthed in Liangzhu, Celadon of the Southern Song, yuan and Ming Dynasties, and canoe pictures unearthed in Xiaoshan eight thousand years ago. These pictures and cultural relics record the history of China and show the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. In the experience area of the Institute of archaeology, we interviewed several archaeologists. They said: "you can learn here To a lot of archaeological knowledge, experience the fun of digging cultural relics. When the pieces of celadon are dug out, the sense of achievement in my heart is incomparable. That kind of happiness can only be realized through real experience. "我也和他们一样有同样的感觉,体验馆的每个展馆都是我们体验生活信心作文,体验快乐的天地,那种快乐只有真正去体验过才能体会到.I also have the same feeling with them. Each exhibition hall of the experience hall is a place where we can experience life and happiness. That kind of happiness can only be realized if we really experience i
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