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  • 圣诞老人的礼物作文|圣诞老人的礼物 英语作文
    发布时间:2020-09-20 14:20
    去年圣诞节的前几天小学环保作文,爸爸带我和姐姐在街上玩时,我在好多多服装超市门口看到一个充气的圣诞老人小学环保作文,我就走过去对他说:圣诞节就给我们一个空竹吧。”A few days before Christmas last year, when my father and my sister were playing in the street, I saw an inflatable Santa at the door of many clothing supermarkets. I went over to him and said, "give us a diabolo for Christmas."到了圣诞节前一天晚上,我们在床头放了一双袜子。第二天一大早起来一看初中作文,床头真的有一个空竹小学环保作文,我们高兴极了。The night before Christmas, we put a pair of socks on the bed. We got up early the next morning and saw that there was a real diabolo on the head of the bed. We were very happy.小朋友们,圣诞节前一天晚上在床头放一双袜子吧,你一定会收到喜欢的礼物的!Children, put a pair of socks on the bed the night before Christmas. You will surely receive your favorite gift!
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