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  • 垃圾桶作文|垃圾桶 英语作文
    发布时间:2020-09-23 19:10
    为创造抚州优美的环境和良好的卫生写事作文,抚州在街头巷尾都能看见一个个五颜六色各种各样的垃圾箱。In order to create a beautiful environment and good sanitation in Fuzhou, we can see all kinds of garbage bins in the streets.这些不起眼的垃圾箱写事作文,放在人行道两旁非常美观,因为它们有的像猪、猫、狗、狮……五彩缤纷栩栩如生。These humble dustbins are very beautiful on both sides of the sidewalk, because some of them are like pigs, cats, dogs, lions Colorful and lifelike.这些垃圾箱有的敲敲它的头就张开嘴高中作文,还有的摇摇它的身子就张大嘴。可以把行人手中的纸和瓜皮果壳等垃圾吃到肚子里。Some of these bins open their mouths when they knock on their heads, and others open their mouths when they shake their bodies. You can eat the paper, peel, shell and other garbage in the hands of pedestrians.呀!有了这些不起眼的垃圾桶行人多方便呀!城市多美观呀!Ah! How convenient it is to walk with these humble trash cans! How beautiful the city is!
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