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  • 小雨滴作文|小雨滴 英语作文
    发布时间:2020-09-27 19:10
    小雨滴从老高老高的地方Small raindrops from the old high and the old high跳下来,Jump down.跳到公园里。Jump into the park.有的在水面上唱歌,Some sing on the water,有的把树叶当作Some regard leaves as蹦蹦初中作文我的名字作文,Bouncing bed还有的在地上议论着:Others are talking on the ground:明天还来不来?Will you come tomorrow?它们好像来自They seem to come from另一个空间我的名字作文,Another space,对这里的一切感到好奇,Curious about everything here,我真想问问它们:I really want to ask them:你们喜欢哪里?What do you like?
    热爱生命作文 小学生作文秋天 我的名字作文
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